CULLMAN, AL, June 6 – Car Wash USA Express takes great pleasure in bringing music of a different kind to car-driving, music-loving Southerners via its sponsorship of Rock the South this past weekend.   Joining the musical extravaganza’s family of sponsors for the first time, Car Wash USA Express offered its customers free tickets to the concert and rewarded Rock the South ticket holders with opportunities to experience the excellence of Car Wash USA Express services.

Car Wash USA operates 20 locations in Alabama, including two in Cullman, where the massive musical celebration was performed from May 31 to June 1.

“Rock the South is our kind of event because it prizes the community first and foremost,” said Sydney James, Regional Marketing Manager, Car Wash USA Express.  “That’s our attitude, too. We’re pleased that our customers have made us their go-to-car wash because of our speedy and effective service, but what we really want is for them to know that they can always count on us.”

“Since 2011, it has been our desire to bring the community together, have some fun and give back. We are able to do this because of our incredible partners like Car Wash USA Express! It has been a dream to partner with such an unbelievable business that also invests in their community,” said Laura Kate Lindsey, Partnership Director, Pepsi Rock the South.  “It’s true when they say, ‘partnership goes both ways.’  Car Wash USA Express stepped in and was willing to help us in so many ways. They helped us create an unbelievable experience for our consumers,” she added.

To help spread the spirit of Rock the South, Car Wash USA gave away VIP and general admission concert tickets to customers at its locations across the state.  The Company also distributed coupons for free or discounted car washes to fans who parked in the Rock the South parking facility. Lastly, it hosted a tent with interactive games and giveaways where event-goers were able to meet the friendly members of the Car Wash USA Express team who have made serving the community their priority for more than 10 years.